Why us?
We directly manufacture and import
PPE from our own factories.

Say goodbye to brokers and intermediaries. Prepared are
suppliers of high-grade Medical and General PPE in USA.

Our Story

Prior to the outbreak of Covid-19, Prepared was one of the largest blank clothing manufacturers in the market with massive industrial manufacturing capabilities in China. Prepared are not brokers or intermediaries, we directly manufacture PPE.

Prepared has manufactured, sold and delivered over 60 million face masks since 2/1/2020. When the retail clothing orders completely stopped in February, we shifted all of our factory capacity to manufacturing PPE, including KN95 masks, 3-ply masks, surgical gloves, and gowns. With existing manufacturing and logistics

capabilities prior to Covid-19, we’re well-positioned to supply a massive quantity of PPE to the USA. The Principals of our firm have been in soft goods manufacturing and exporting business for 25 years.

Prepared currently has 12 factories in China running 24/7 and we are working to secure additional factory capacity in Indonesia, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Mexico, and China. We have nearly 100 quality control and logistics personnel working on the ground in China, in addition to logistics teams in New Jersey and at our Headquarters in Alhambra, California.